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August 4, 2018
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August 11, 2018
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Many have asked the question, “How to Start a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle”?

Having a healthy balanced lifestyle could be a recommended way of living that everybody needs to adopt.  We probably come across the various listing of what we ought to do on a daily basis to achieve a “healthy living” status. In this article, we will run through our recommendation of the daily do’s and don’ts which will help you achieve your quest for a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Start By Paying the Doctor A Visit before Embarking On a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle

We encourage you to make a visit to the doctor for a general health check. Being able to find out the general state of your health is definitely a good start to the journey that you are about to make.  For those who plan to start living a balanced lifestyle, you will need to make considerations on which areas of your health you need to focus more and which ones you can to pay less attention to.

For example, in understanding your blood sugar levels you can then establish how much more sugar intake you need for the body on a daily basis. Without a health check from time to time, we are never sure what the body needs more or needs less. The doctor’s advice will put us on the right path and further guide us on what we need to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle.

If you have been diagnosed with any illness, you ought to seek treatment immediately to avoid further deterioration of that illness. Early detection of any illnesses is key as the necessary steps can then be taken to address the issue. With modern medical science, many diseases can be treated but treatment can only start if the illness has been detected.


Do Away With What Puts Your Health at Risk

We need to cut down and cut out things that are putting our health at risk.

If the report from the medical test suggests that the toxins are way too high in your body, this is a clear sign that your liver or kidney could be at risk and you need to try to reduce consuming foods that will put your health at further risk.

Habits such as eating fast foods and foods that are rich in cholesterol could give rise to heart problems or other related illnesses in the future. Excessive alcohol consumption could mean that you are exposing your body to more risks as your liver and kidney have to work harder in detoxification in order to counter the harsh conditions.


Keep your Body in Motion

Did you know you are more prone to a cardiovascular condition if you are not active? Any period of activity is good for you and your body. Exercising and working out pays off greatly.

You need you to lose the car occasionally and take a walk to and from work if you have a hectic schedule that does not allow you to find time to go to the gym. Your body needs the movements to remain in a healthy state. If you are not moving your body, it means that you are not expensing any calories and therefore not burning any body fats. Read about the benefits of going to the gym.

It is recommended that you set up a regular exercise routine or periods of activity for your body; this will save you from health conditions that could arise because the body is inactive. You can take things one step at a time. Start with simple exercises that you are comfortable with before proceeding towards a more comprehensive exercise routine. Try not to find excuses to skip exercising. No matter busy you are, you need to take regular breaks from work and walk away from the office chair throughout the day. This allows the distribution of oxygenated blood into your body and improves your overall wellness.

Make Choices on Your Diet

What are the primary reasons we eat? If you are just eating to keep your tummy full, then you might need to consider what you are doing to your health.

Many people will say that they eat when they are hungry. Some of us eat with little control over what we are eating versus what we are supposed to eat to have a healthier lifestyle. Some of us love the snack and will most likely to eat anything that is convenient and within reach.

Here’s the trick, understand the food that is good for your health, for example, most fruits are rich in vitamins, manganese, potassium and other minerals that are great for your body.  Having more fruits such as pineapple, figs and mangoes that are high in antioxidants mean your body is better equipped to fight any radicals that could cause harm to your body. It will also provide benefits to your skin, heart and respiratory systems. Therefore, be selective about what you eat and don’t just eat what is convenient and readily available. This is one way how to start a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Read up on how to eat better.


Find a Solution to Insomnia and Sleep Longer

Your body needs to rest, and there is no better way for it to recuperate than you sleeping. You are bound to wear and tear if you are working long hours and not giving the body enough time to rest and recover. To re-energize you need to give your body plenty of good quality restful sleep.


Find out if anything is preventing you from having enough sleep. Is it work pressure, desire for personal achievements or other living conditions that are causing you to be deprived of sleep? If this is so, then you need to consider finding solutions for them. An excellent way to go with any personal achievement or pressure to perform is giving time for everything to cater for themselves. When it’s work time, give it your all and when it’s home and sleep time, then you also need to provide it with the time it deserves. Sleep is essential to help your body recover from the daily stress in life and will help prevent any related illnesses.

Keep Your Body In Motion


Stop Worrying

Worrying does not help any situation. Being worried puts your body under a lot of tension and this could result in you skipping meals or skipping your exercise routine. Worrying sometimes lead to binge eating for some folks. Overeating or not eating enough are both bad for a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Being worried affects the body hormones negatively and your body needs to cope with this negative energy. Staying away from worrying means less stress to your body and no physiochemical hormonal reactions that misguide your body of exact needs.


Keeping a Positive Company

Some of the biggest influences on the things we do often are the people we keep around us.  They often encourage our actions or discourage them by sharing their thoughts or how they feel about certain things.

Embarking on the journey for a healthy living means we need to have the right people around us. If we want to stay away from binge drinking, then we need to need to stay away from peers who are inclined to do so.

Maintaining a positive company pays off in so many ways. They can work with us to eat a healthier diet daily, be our workout buddies, lend us a listening ear when we are stressed and many more ways. Keep the right company to have a healthy balanced lifestyle.


Stress is a Spoiler

We had mentioned stress several times in this article and we are sure that if we kept stress away, then we are bound to start living a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Several stress factors can be easily dealt with if we have the right stress management techniques. But, before reaching to the point of managing stress, why not try to establish what is creating the stress? Doing that exercise will often get you the corresponding management steps to keep your life as stress-free as possible.

Stressors include the loss of loved ones, relationships, work, divorce, getting married amongst several others. Just about anything you are not prepared for can stress you out and cause issues. Change management or preparation for the change could add some value to your life. In case you are not prepared, stay cool and don’t worry as things will have ways to work themselves out most of the time.


Finding out how to start a healthy balanced lifestyle is essential for everyone who is beginning their journey towards better health. If you are not actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle, you may be unconsciously dragging your body towards early destruction. I hope the above ideas can help you start your goals towards how to start a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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