Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Food

free range vs organic chicken
Free range vs organic chicken
April 6, 2017
disadvantages of genetically modified food

Many argue that there are clear disadvantages of genetically modified food.

Conducted surveys show that most processed food products contain some quantity of genetically modified components.  Up until today, there is no definitive law in most countries in relation to marking of food that contain genetically modified elements. As such, you have to start being wiser the next time you go grocery shopping. For our male friends, consuming genetically modified food may also result in having gynecomastia or man boobs.

If you are starting your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, then eating more natural food is a must.

Below are some valuable tips you can follow to reduce your consumption of processed food items that may contain GMO.

9 ways to avoid GM foods


Give preference to food marked as 100% organic

The laws present in many countries do not give permission to food manufacturers that claim to produce 100% organic food products to include even a single genetically altered ingredient. Therefore, food without this marking may still contain a considerably high level of GMO which will defeat your purpose of eating organic food.


Give preference to meat that is 100% grass fed

Pay attention to this as cattle may be grass fed when they are young but later be given feed that may contain GMO to increase the amount of “marbling” in the meat. As much as you can, stay with meat that is 100% grass fed.


Give preference to fresh foods

Always remember that food prepared by you at home is better than pre-prepared food that you buy from the supermarkets.  Stay away from processed food at all times. Making your own food may seem demanding at first but once you get into the routine, it will be a breeze and you are going to love how much better you will feel with good quality food.


Purchase vegetables and fruits from native farmers

Genetically altered food normally comes from industrial scales whereas produces of farmers’ markets are generally free from such modification. It is even better if you know your local farmer so that you can understand how their produce is grown and what kind of fertilizers they are using.


Seek labels that say GMO-free or don’t contain GM

It may take you a while to track down these food producers but once you do, treat them like GOLD. Start by going to your local health food store and you should be able to start finding your leads from there.


Increase your knowledge about the disadvantages of genetically modified food

Soy: Be careful of products containing ingredients derived from soybeans as there are high chances that they are genetically modified. Read more about soy products here.

Corn: High Fructose Corn Syrup is one ingredient that is very difficult to avoid. A good majority of processed food items have its inclusion.

Dairy: Some cows are injected with a genetically altered hormone to boost the production of milk. Furthermore, milk sold in the supermarket are usually pasteurized and homogenized which kills most of the healthy enzymes and worst of all leave other unwanted side effects in your body.

Pay attention to the stickers/labels

  • 4 digit number shows that the food could be or could not be genetically altered.
  • 5 digit number starting with “8” is genetically altered.
  • 5 digit number starting with “9” shows that the food is organic

Do not use aspartame products as a sugar replacement

Aspartame is a product that is made from genetically modified organisms. You should avoid using such sugar replacements at all costs.  Regular sugar, which is not great on their own, are still better than aspartame products.

Only drink 100% fruit juices

High fructose corn syrup is the sweetener used in most juices making them an unhealthy option. Always drink pure fruit juices and better still, juice them yourself at home using naturally grown fruits.

While the disadvantages of genetically modified food continue to be debated, it is definitely beneficial to understand the issue at hand so as to balance your daily diet better. As the old adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”.

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