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August 3, 2018
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August 4, 2018
how to eat better

In the world of fast food and processed food, it is no surprise that obesity and significant health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, among others are on the rise begging the question, “How to Eat Better?”. Without realizing it, unhealthy eating habits disrupt the functioning of our bodies. What we consume is vital for us to lead our lives normally. Unhealthy food affects us in very direct ways such as we tire more easily, our skin and hair lose its quality and luster.

Even if you have unhealthy eating habits, it is never too late to change them. Keep in mind that we are not talking about diets or weight loss regimes. We just want to suggest ways you can start eating healthier as a part of a better lifestyle.


How To Eat Better:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most underrated meals of the day. And no, we are not talking about pancakes and waffles. Starting the day with a healthy, protein-rich meal can make a lot of difference. Not only does it give you enough energy, it also stops you from snacking unnecessarily. Just because we said protein-rich food, we do not mean boring food. Eggs, peanut butter, kale, chickpeas and a number of other foods are rich in protein. You can also search for a variety of protein-rich recipes to make your breakfast more interesting.


2. Switch to healthy snacks  

Sometimes you get hungry all of a sudden. It can be because you have a long day or because you skipped a meal or because you have cravings. Either way, sometimes you just need to snack. Rather than depending on crisps or processed food you can opt for healthy snacks. It is better to eat these. Check the packaging of your snacks to see if they are processed foods. In case they are, look for non-processed options. Clearly, you should avoid eating food that is made from ingredients that you don’t know.


3. Choose roasted food

Fried food is delicious and there is no denying that. However, it is not the healthiest option either. Sometimes, it is better to go for roasted food rather than fried food. If prepared correctly, roasted food can be absolutely delicious. It reduces the amount of cholesterol in your body, which in turn reduces your chance of getting heart diseases.


4. Increase vegetable intake

One important way on how to eat better is to increase your vegetable intake. Your body needs vegetables on a regular basis. As is true with roasted food, vegetables can be made delicious. If you don’t know how to cook vegetables, just have a side salad with every meal or at least on regular basis. Vegetables will naturally help reduce the acidity from consuming too much meat and keep your internal pH level in check. Your body will really thank you for this.


5. Use different flour

The flour that is used in our daily meals is not granular. This makes it difficult for our bodies to digest them. Which is why it is better to use whole grain flour or any other healthier options that suit you. While you may find the texture of the taste a little different in the beginning, you will eventually get used to it. Even doing something as simple as switching from white bread to multigrain bread can make a whole lot of difference.


6. Add fruits to your diet

Eating fruits on a regular basis is the best thing you can do for your body. Fresh fruits are delicious, filling, and extremely nutritious. You can have come for breakfast or in the evening as a snack. You must ensure that you have fresh fruit and not canned fruits. If having fruits is difficult, you can just make fresh fruit juice and Habit for breakfast in the morning. Read about the benefits of juicing here.

7. Drink lots of water

Lots of people might wonder what this suggestion is doing on this particular list. However what most don’t realize is that water is a vital part of a diet. In fact, we need to have at least 2 to 3 liters of water on a daily basis. Read more about the optimum amount of water to drink a day. Water becomes even more critical while consuming alcohol. If you are drinking alcohol, it is better to have water between drinks as it reduces the amount of damage caused to your liver. As you fill yourself up with water, you will automatically drink lesser too.


8. Avoid mayonnaise

Mayonnaise can be found in sandwiches and burgers, and sometimes even in salads. Something that many people don’t know is that mayonnaise has a lot of fat. When consumed in small amounts, it doesn’t make much difference. However, having it on a regular basis is not a very good idea. Fortunately, there are some equally delicious substitutes available. We recommend that you experiment and find one that suits your palate. [Insert healthy alternatives to mayonnaise]


9. Avoid sweetened tea and coffee

Coffee and tea have become a vital part of everyday life. Most of us have at least two cups of tea or coffee on a daily basis. Due to this the amount of sugar and cream we consume goes up dramatically. For this reason, it is better to stick to unsweetened coffee or tea. While it takes some getting used to, it is better for you in the long run.


10. Try not to overindulge

Sometimes, we let ourselves get away with eating extra when we don’t need it. It is this extra food that can cause the most harm. Our body only needs a certain amount of food and overindulging can have serious consequences later in life.


11. Pack a lunch from home  

Rather than going out to eat or ordering from somewhere while you are at work, pack yourself a lunch from home. By doing this, you can seriously the cut down on the amount of junk food you eat and ensure that you eat a healthy lunch every day.


12. Eat at fixed timings

If you create a schedule for all your meals, over time your body becomes used to it. This helps make sure that your body is getting nutrition at regular intervals and put an end to unhealthy, irregular snacking. Eating at regular intervals also reduces midnight cravings which are not waistline friendly.


13. Reduce the amount of red meat you consume

If you are a vegetarian, then you don’t need to pay attention to this point. However, if you have red meat on a daily basis, or at least on a regular basis, then you seriously need to reduce the amount of meat you are consuming.  Simply reducing the amount of meat you consume will automatically increase the amount of fruit and vegetables intake. You can also go for other non-vegetarian options such as fish or chicken, both of which are much healthier than red meat.


14. Desserts

We are not going to ask you to cut down on your desserts. They are one of life’s simple pleasures. However, we will recommend that you go for healthy dessert options. A number of bakeries today provide desserts that are much healthier for you. They taste just as delicious but they are better for you. Some examples of healthy desserts are low-fat keto cheesecake, coconut rice pudding, oat squares, honey oatmeal raisin cookies and peanut butter cookies.


15. Avoid sugary drinks

Yes, they are delicious. Yes, they are easily available. But they are also one of the worst things you can put in your body. Stop the next time you go out for a meal and opt for a glass of fresh juice or lemonade instead. Not only will this automatically cut down on the amount of sugar you are consuming it will also help you increase your fruit intake.


16. Learn how to cook

A lot of us depend on ready-to-cook or microwavable meals. These types of meals are incredibly unhealthy. It is better to learn how to cook. If you do so, you will be able to regulate your diet as well as your intake. It will also reduce the amount of time you order food from a fast food restaurant. You will be able to experiment more in the kitchen and reduce the amount of unhealthy food that you are eating. At any given point homemade meals are much healthier than microwavable meals or take-out food. This will definitely help you in your journey on how to eat better.


17. Consume probiotic foods

There are certain foods, which are heavy in probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria that help us build our immunity and improve digestion. Simply put, probiotics are vital for us. Eating probiotic rich food is extremely beneficial to your body. The most easily available probiotic-rich foods are yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, buttermilk and a number of others.  Just having any one of these foods on a daily basis can really help your body out.


We must do everything we can to take care of our body, especially if we are not exercising on a regular basis. Health issues caused due to unhealthy eating habits are on the rise, and they have begun to affect us in a pronounced manner. Another reason you should switch to healthy eating is that as a body grow older, it cannot process junk food the way it used to when it was younger. A few small adjustments in your lifestyles can make a massive difference. It is better to give your body what it needs right now rather than suffer ill health later in life. Know how to eat better as this is one of the first steps to a healthier you!

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