What Can Stress Cause?

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August 12, 2018
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what can stress cause

What can stress cause? The reaction of your body towards changes in your surroundings that forces responses or adjustments is known as stress. Your body responds towards such changes through mental, emotional and physical reactions.  Stress can be regarded as a part of human life. Different events that take place in your surroundings put your body under stress. You can get tensed and worried from things that are happening in your surroundings, mentally and also physically.

Our body is designed to handle and manage stress. While a manageable level of stress can be good for us by keeping our senses active, stress can take a negative shape when a person is subjected to constant tension and worry without any break in between. When the tension is allowed to continue to build up in the human body, this can lead to a situation where the person is totally stressed out.

When can stress cause when it is allowed to continue, the body will start to exhibit negative symptoms in the form of headaches, high blood pressure, pain in the chest, sleeping related problems and many others. Stress can also bring many other negative outcomes like when people consume tobacco, drugs or alcohol to relieve it. These negative habits aggravate the side effects of stress and eventually leads to the human body succumbing to diseases.

Stress can contribute to issues such as headaches, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues, skin problems, depression and arthritis. This is a serious situation considering that many adults are suffering from some kind of stress from work or family related issues. In fact, a lot of doctor’s visit is somewhat related to stress.

Our body can deal with stress for short periods of time, but if stress constantly creates panic in your life for a prolonged period, then you may be exposing yourself to some major health issues down the road.

What Can Stress Cause:


The Nervous System

When the body is under stress, the sympathetic nerves convey the message to adrenals which release adrenaline as well as cortisol. Higher levels of epinephrine can damage the learning capacity and improve depression.


Endocrine System

Stress hormones influence liver for producing elevated levels of sugar for delivering energy in dangerous situations. If you are under pressure for extended time periods, then this is an indication that you may be exposed to risks of diabetes.


Respiratory System

When you are under stress the breathing rate increases. If this situation persists for a longer time period, then this can make you vulnerable to infections of the upper respiratory tract.

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Coronary Artery Disease

Prolonged stress can bring an increase in the level of cholesterol narrowing human arteries and this can lead to a stroke or heart attack.


Reproductive System

Negative changes will be brought in your menstrual cycle, and during pregnancy, it exposes your baby to chances of developing asthma in the later life.


Immune System

Like all other systems, immunity is compromised and many negative outcomes are associated with this development.


Musculoskeletal System

Muscles are strained continuously leading to headaches and back pain.

Studies show factors which lower pH include:

  • Foods which increases acidity in the body
  • Negative emotions
  • Stress related to emotions


Body Response Towards Lower pH

The effects of a reduced by pH (or higher acidity in the body) upon health are:

  • Reduces the ability of body for absorbing minerals and nutrients
  • Reduces the production of energy in cells
  • Reduces the capacity of the body in repairing damaged cells
  • Provides growth medium to the tumor cells


Knowing now what can stress cause will make you aware that you need to consciously manage your daily stress levels as stress is a silent killer which which will not show any symptoms until it is too late.

Start a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, ensure that you have a strong social support network or find other ways to relax and relieve stress from your life.

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